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Feel Confident About Your Upcoming Birth

Know you options and make choices that align with your values.

Build Stronger Relationships With Your Care Team

Communicate easily and effortlessly with the people who are serving you as you give birth. 

Bring Your Dreams For Your Birth To Life 

Learn the most common reasons birth plans go sideways and simple ways to safeguard your plan.

Your Wishes Are Possible

Birth can feel unpredictable and like something you can never fully be prepared for. Especially when people continually tell you to not get attached to your plan. 

But we don't believe that is the case. 

We know your wishes are simple, and that in most cases, you can expect your plan to go according to plan. 

You just need to know how to line up the pieces to make it all work. 

Creating Beautiful Beginnings Is Our Passion 

We've helped hundreds of moms prepare for birth and would love to help you bring your dreams to life as well. 

Few Things Are As Personal As Your Birth 

A birth is more than just a moment. It's a fresh beginning, the moment you meet the child you've been anticipating for at least 9 months, if not years. 

Long after you head home, you will remember the way they were born and what it meant to you. 

Consciously, intentionally making choices that align with your values helps you create a beginning that will be a  story you will love telling over and over throughout the years. 

At She Births Bravely we want you to make educated decisions, have non-judgemental support, and tools to make your birth plan possible. 

We guide you through the entire process of creating a birth plan. What you should include, which choices you need to make, how to decide which options are best for you and how to safeguard your plan so it's actually likely to be respected and used. 

We make it easy for you to build a birth you love. 

My name is Suzzie Vehrs and I promise to inspire you, support you and help you bring your plan to life. I believe in birth, and more importantly, I believe in you! 

Creating A Birth Plan That Works Is Easy

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